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Kokoshungsan Global Affiliate Network

Kokoshungsan Global Affiliate Network is a global based Affiliate Network, which has been launched to serve as the perfect intermediary between the affiliates and the merchants in the dynamic and lucrative field of Affiliate Marketing.

We have been associated with the field of affiliate marketing from last 6 years and have realized the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the field. Due to this, we have modified our approach, strategies and tactics to endure the satisfaction of merchants as well as affiliates that join eAffiliatez.

What distinguishes us from the other affiliate networks…?

Every company strives to offer something unique to its clients to ensure their satisfaction. Given below are the parameters that we thought would benefit clients immensely!

Handholding to the clients

We do not expect our clients to be fully aware of the technicalities and procedures involved in the functioning of Kokoshungsan Global Affiliate Network. Handholding ensures that they gradually comprehend the working. It enables them to clear any doubts arising in their minds at any point of time, and they can be rest assured that their queries will be answered by the team at eAffiliatez.

Flexibility in managing accounts

At Kokoshungsan Global Affiliate Network, we make sure that the accounts of our clients are managed keeping in mind the aspect of flexibility. Thus, there is no imposition of stringent rules and restrictions that may be a commonly witnessed on other affiliate networks.

In addition to the unique features mentioned above, clients can also avail of other state-of-the-art ser- vices like Naked Link Technology that ensures transparency of the program, zero monthly minimum balance , fast payments, pricing system tailored to benefit both merchants and affiliates, and free live support system!

The technology and innovations would not have been possible without the combined effort of the com- patent team at Kokoshungsan Global Affiliate Network. We put together our dexterity and experience to deliver quality output.