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Merchant / Advertiser

Start your own Affiliate program. Allow affiliates to promote your business to increase sales for your website. You can create unlimited buy buttons and add as many products as desired to our marketplace and never be charged a fee.


The marketplace provides multi-tier/multi-level affiliate tracking with up to 5 Tiers! Our army of affiliates/resellers will promote your products! With the multi-tier affiliate tracking system, not only are affiliates rewarded, affiliates also get rewarded for encouraging other affiliates to join the affiliate program.

Instant and Delayed Affiliate Payments

Give your affiliates instant or delayed payments while keeping control of refunds.

Digital Delivery and Protection

Instantly deliver your products for you, saving you time and money.

Instant Affiliate Program Setup

Simply list your product and you can instantly start recruiting affiliates. It's never been easier! Need an extra boost? Purchase our Hot Topics ads to attract affiliates

Tracking & Statistics

Everything from clicks, EPC's, sales, percentages to tracking ID's can be found right on your dashboard.

Affiliate / Publisher

You have an opportunity to select from a wide range of our merchant
programs, Affiliates have instant access to all of our affiliate tools. Sign up to start earning instantly paid commissions today.

Free to Join and Promote Products

Sign up and gain instant access to marketplace, And promote excellent products to your audiences.

Earn up to 100% Instant Commissions

Promote products via your blog, email list, website, PPC, etc. Commissions are paid to you from the vendors, direct to your PayPal account.

Real Time Tracking of Your Traffic and Earning Statistics

See exactly how your campaigns are performing in real time. You can even create multiple trackers for the same product, using our Tracking ID System.

Instant Sale Notification

Keep an eye on your campaigns with our instant sale notifications. Notices are sent to your email's inbox each time an affiliate sale is made.

One performance Affiliate network. Many solutions.

We help you extend your reach! With our affiliate network, we present you with an opportunity to reap maximum benefits. Focused on providing best return on investment, we ensure that you have the best affiliate network promoting your products &services. Our aim is not only at boosting your customer base, but also on garnering customer loyalty!

Commission Boosters

Find products PERFECT for your audience with our searchable library.

Traffic Maximizers

Access a vast & growing pool of the best affiliates in the business. More the traffic, more the number of buyers! Every single affiliate promoting your brand adds a number of qualified leads to your audience. You build a Network of websites who are actively referring high- quality buying traffic to your site through Affiliate Marketing.

Offer Long Term Advertising

Affiliate Program advertising is not limited by time. When your Affiliates know they are getting paid when they refer sales to your business, your link is there to stay.

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This is the excellent platform for me to promote my websites and products. Thank you so much!

Alfreda Dave - Web Design

Affiliatenet,net helps me earn some income being part-time internet marketer! I can find so many popular and good quality digital products in marketplaces that helps my sales! 

Donna Doe - writer

This is a good site for me to advertise my products.  highly recommended!

Brian  - Internet Marketer

This website helps my business a lot! Free listing and low cost advertising fee that help my business growing fast!

Cuthbert - Manager